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For Your Entertainment-

Originally posted on Conversextion:

it's ben a long day hasn't it bby

The familiar ring tone alerted you; I knew you would answer despite it not being 'your bag'. I remembered at the club; both drunk grabbing each other's phones promising things that only alcohol wills out of us in the late hours.

i bet ur in that office u h8

A random text days later had us reliving that night through words; text tag. No strings attached. No meeting unless we wanted to. And by the tone of our texts over the course of the next few days, we wanted to. But everything is so busy; hard to find alone time between all of the life shit we didn't mention at the club to each other.

poor bby

You tell me your jerk boss is hanging around. The one you angrily say gives you too many hours, too little pay.

is he around?

You text back; I can envision the wrinkle your brow makes when you're annoyed. You clearly don't want to be there.

i can make it better

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An ode to a Master's Hand

Originally posted on Conversextion:

Slap goes the hand that bruises my behind with each land

the ass that shifts up wanting another pass

of that teasingly, feelingly cruel hand pleadingly

my cries beg 'Master, please!'; your eyes full of mirth denies

letting my ass burn covered in flecks of purple red and no concern

i can only look down to not deserve a frown

then a slow palm grazes letting new pain alight me with it's balm

paddles, canes sit to the far side ignored as i delighted in what Your hand can only provide

my panty, my skirt pulled unseemly down my ass bared, round and blissfully hurt

the wetness i feel i hope You don't, yet i know You knowingly do, softness

of Your caresses now contrast with the hardness poking through pants past

the point of full arousal; i want to please You but i know only the pull

and need to punish me will only do. Ahh Master Your seed

is too good for me. i only can take Your hand to my ass as a good girl should

AN: Random poem came out of left field. I blame waking up with a rather nice dream. Also (probably) due to my spanking fetish.

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Curves can be dangerous.

As a full figured woman myself, it can be hard to feel, or rather see yourself as a 'main character'. To see yourself as worth of being cute, or hot, or other wise a being that has needs like every other hot blooded person. And then this crops up. I was reading Cute Breasts' blog (and they are cute BTW) and found out about how the fashion industry is finally growing a pair -

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Siren of Death

In the lands of Meneteil, there were stories of many warriors, those meek and bold. But one store stood out amongst the rest. This was the fabled story of the Blonde Siren of Death. Armed with merely her visible nude form this was (save for her broadsword) all the weapon she’d need. She ran nude not because she was cocky or did not need metal armor, but that men were so mesmerized by her beauty that her attackers dared not mar her flawless skin. Of course the warrior would not be so gentle, so legion died by her sword.

But this is not what the legend entailed.

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Tiger Babe. Rawr.

Code Name : TigerBabe. That was the name that got her into the seedy underground of Liberty City’s Drug Trade. Her real name nothing of importance, she went deep undercover, slipping in through the thriving prostitution market, and working up though to the inner ranks when it was shown she could handle a gun as well as a john. There were many girls with guns nude in the sex trade, in particular fetish markets, but only she was unafraid to use them to get her way.

She sometimes looks in the mirror, telling herself girls like her were good for the city, but the line always blurs as criminals became partners, bedmates.

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The future is hot and

In the war torn world of the future, you were either a mutant or a normal. Well as normal as a pure human can be amidst the trash and carnage. Vzemanova was doing what she did best to get by, stripping in the rough and tumble dives that crop up in the seedier areas of human settlements. But the girls who work her trade were not stupid. Girls with guns were not a rare sight.

In fact if you were one of the rare ones that did not carry a gun, you found yourself at risk for being robbed, or worse as chivalry was long dead in exchange for survival instincts. Vzemanova was part of the Action Girls gang, a group of nude dancers that packed metal heat. They had each other’s back at all times.

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Oh I went there with MGS

*Oh yes I had to share my teaser post for MSG. This is what Snake encountered outside of the game /wink*

The island base was up further alone the tropical coast. The island, the picture of tropical fantasy, was a hidden base for a rogue operative. Except this operative has gone mad with power, and has the world around his finger. Operative Gold Cobra has created a machine of destructive qualities so great, it can pin point any location in the world and annihilate it off the face of the planet. The operation was code named Metal Gear.

So armed with the gear on his back, and his codex, he used his trained skills in stealth to make his way onto the island. He made sure to leave no tracks and kept his eye out for a useable weapon. Well that was his plan until he suddenly saw a leather boot land in his path. He looked up from his position to see three girls with guns, nude, geared and ready for action - girls you didn’t want to mess with.